I help busy parents navigate the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve the same level of health that my family and I enjoy today.

Outside of God’s sheer grace in our lives, I attribute my wife and my ability to remain free from symptoms ranging from ADHD, chronic depression, seasonal allergies and drug & alcohol addiction to using food as medicine.  Although the symptoms might be different for you, like you I understand what it’s like to not fully understand why I struggled the way I did and why conventional doctors never seemed to actually “fix” anything. They just gave me pills. On top of that, we were also desperate to find a way to connect as a family because life was like everyone elses in our community: maxed out, fast paced and exhausting. This is where food, again, was medicine.

The key was taking the time to learn about what I was dealing with. I contrasted our current food system in the US with how things used to be before the industrial revolution. What I learned is that ALL modern chronic disease stems from only 2 root causes: nutrient deficiency and toxic overload in the body.  I found that the lower cost of processed food and modern convenience was in fact costing much more than I was willing to pay.  I discovered how the quality of food and how it was prepared directly impacted our digestive health and furthermore, how much digestive health had to do with overall health. The true “aha moment” for me was when we removed processed grains and sugars from my wife’s diet and the seasonal allergies that made her miserable every summer of her LIFE up to that point, vanished without a trace! But I didn’t leave it there.

Why would God give us all this delicious food only to make us eat these restrictive diets like keto, Paleo or vegan to stay healthy?

And moreover, why would He create food that CAUSED chronic disease?  I didn’t believe He did so I spent the next 6 years researching and studying the relationship between food, nutrition and health and adopted a whole new paradigm for health in the Wise Traditions vein. We started doing stuff like soaking our beans and fermenting our grains for sourdough. I learned the most cost effective way to grocery shop for local, seasonal, beyond organic food and how to know if a food is trustworthy. I started making stuff like bone broth, sauerkraut and chicken liver pate and not only was it delicious, our health dramatically improved as a result!  What I discovered was simple and yet profound. High quality real food, traditional preparation methods and nutrient dense superfoods that our ancestors ate for generations were making us better.  The medicinal properties inherent in how God created food to begin with turned out to be the remedy for our modern health problems.

My family and I remain free of modern chronic disease symptoms to this day and thankfully, my kids have never (and hopefully WILL never) experienced them at all!  None of us are taking any prescription drugs either. No ADHD, no depression, no allergies and I’ve been sober going on 7 years from ADHD medication and 14 years without alcohol and pain killers.  And what’s better than that is that we’ve found a way as a family to slow down and connect over something we all enjoy in the kitchen together. We’re teaching our boys skills that will benefit them their entire lives. My wife and I enjoy how we build up each other’s creativity together as we make unique, delicious and nourishing food without the restrictive nature that comes with most of today’s diets.

I thought I didn’t have time to shop for, prepare and cook the majority of the food that my family consumes but now I don’t see how I can afford to do it any different.  All it took was a couple time mapping exercises to see that I had A LOT more time than I thought I did – it just took getting it down on paper to realize it. And as far as cost is concerned, I found out that food isn’t supposed to be cheap. Back in the early 1900s the average family spent 18% of their income on food and 6% on healthcare. Today those numbers are inverted except MORE is spent on healthcare: 6% on food, 20% on healthcare.  In the words of the lunatic farmer, Joel Salatin, “folks, this ain’t normal!”

I started writing up “nutritional recommendations” until one day my wife read one that I’d recently sent to her sister. Long story short, my wife was so impressed with it that she encouraged me to follow the passion that I’d developed over the years to help people live free of modern chronic diseases like I’d done for myself, my wife and so many of our friends and family! Fast forward to today and I have a private health coaching practice out of Snoqualmie, WA where I help clients both locally and virtually.

My name is Kyle Erickson and I am halfway through the Kresser Institute’s ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach program and am waiting to sit for the Nationally Board Certified for Health & Wellness Coaches through ICHWC in 2020.  I help busy parents navigate the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve the same level of health that my family and I enjoy today. From 1 on 1 coaching sessions to private superfood cooking classes or even taking you shopping to show you exactly how to shop for the most nutrient dense food available, I’m here to help facilitate the lifestyle and behavior change needed to set you up for lasting success.

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