What we’re about

Welcome to Food Fitness Family!

We're a young family that still fights to make traditional food and functional exercise a part of our every day lives.

We're the Ericksons - Kyle, Cassandra, Jaxson and Grayson (4 year old twin boys) and if stuff like home made sauerkraut, deadlifts, bone broth, kettlebells, yelling at your kids or having people always asking you how you get your kids to eat chicken liver pate resonates with you, you're in good company. If you're a young family and you're wondering how those things even fit in to your schedule, you're in good company. Lastly, if you just want to learn how to eat, how to grocery shop, how to exercise for functionality, how to make MEGA nutritious super foods in your own home or just want flat out bad parenting advice, you're in good company!

First and foremost, we're just here to be honest about our lives and decided we'd like to start documenting it. How we live just ain't normal these days and we're constantly reminded of it whenever we're out with friends and family. But for us, making Food, Fitness and Family top priority is essential and we hope that what you see here will motivate you to feel the same way and make changes in your own lives!