Alternative Facts Regarding Health

7 Reasons Your Family Should Eat Chicken Liver Pate: Nature’s Multi-Vitamin
August 29, 2017

Love it or hate it, the information age is in full swing.

It is next to impossible to know what’s what anymore.  America’s political climate right now is the perfect example.  Regardless of which side of the spectrum you land on or somewhere in between, websites like Facebook use sophisticated algorithms to keep your feed’s content closely tied to whatever your political leanings may be.  What ends up happening is those same algorithms create a veritable echo chamber of information that keeps you thinking you’re the authority on right and wrong.  What’s worse is that even thinking about dissension from the narrative monarchy you’re currently under will get you ostracized and shunned pronto.  These days it seems like the biggest offense is to disagree with someone and, God forbid, pursue constructive, respectful, healthy dialogue surrounding whatever topic you disagree on.
The sad part is I’m not even half joking.  What we have today goes beyond “political correctness” to something reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels style WW2 propaganda.

So why the political illustration?

First of all what I’ve just described in no way only applies to politics and, in too many situations than I care to admit, they’re just as intense.  Our website is dedicated to a way of living that is probably more counter-culture than most.  A lot of the topics discussed here will be treated similarly to politics because in some ways they are.  The point I’m making is this – what if we’re still being mislead when it comes to health?  For some of you it may come as a shock that you’ve been mislead at all.  Let me illustrate.


For YEARS we were told that health was:
  • lots of cardio and running
  • the high carb and low fat Food Pyramid
  • a calorie is a calorie
  • basically mitigating calories in vs. calories out


Looking at this makes me depressed


Since then society has RECENTLY taught us that health is achieved by:
  • tweaking our macro nutrient intake (protein, fat, carbs)
  • avoiding red meat and saturated animal fats
  • not eating gluten or grain
  • lots of “high intensity” cardio or HIIT
  • Yoga
  • being Vegan or Vegetarian
  • cutting out dairy
  • CrossFit
  • buying organic
  • eating Paleo
  • staying in a constant state of ketosis and much, much more


Unfortunately within this RECENT list, there are a lot of half-truths or just flat out misinformation.  Does it really surprise anyone that much of the current health trends are still motivated by money?  If you were told the full truth about a lot of these trends you would learn that depending on your current bill of health, a lot of them are actually DETRIMENTAL to your health.  And THAT is why we started this website.  To fill in those conveniently left out details and give you the information you need to make informed decisions.  And for us, with a young family of our own, we understand the need for quality, trustworthy, curated content because the time it takes to do our own extensive research is a luxury most of us don’t have these days.



Please don’t misunderstand me though.  Most of the newer trends in health definitely have things that we can learn from them.  But overall my aim is to extract the best parts from each different area and create a collective whole that’s closer to what optimal health is in my experience.  And on top of that I want to explain it in a way that’s easily digestible for busy families like ours.
 Sound too good to be true?  It might.  Especially when you’ve been sold a false bill of goods for so many years.  What’s missing is the simplicity that’s implicit in how God made us and this planet in the first place.  Food in it’s simplest form as close to it’s original intent as possible (especially in terms of growing conditions).  Examining how thousands of years of our ancestors wisdom and experience with traditional food preparation techniques ties in to modern health.  And what about the psychology of addiction surrounding food – especially refined grain and sugar?  That’s a big one.  And certainly something that isn’t getting any where near the attention it deserves in modern society.  I mean, come on, there are literally food scientists that sit around and ENGINEER food to literally be as ADDICTING as possible from the look, smell and taste all the way down to the texture and how it feels in your mouth when you consume it.  As consumers the cards are definitely stacked against us when it comes to making good food choices.  I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last person to say that the American food system is completely BROKEN!  And most people couldn’t care less.
As far as fitness, let’s start with approaching human movement from the perspective of proper mechanics and function as the highest priority instead of aesthetic appeal or “looking better naked”.  Would it surprise you to know that exercise has very little to do with weight loss and body composition?  It did when I first found out.  In fact here’s a very recent example of what science indicates. <Link  Instead let’s approach fitness aiming for improved mood, greater physical work capacity and heightened cognitive function.  I don’t know about you but I don’t need to win the CrossFit games or run a marathon.  But if my family’s in danger I want to be able to handle myself physically or carry my hurt kid down a mountain if he gets hurt on a hike and I’m up in the mountains.  Let’s put it this way, if you had to stop what you were doing right now and run 10 miles, could you?  If a rock slide trapped one of your loved ones and you had to pick up a 250lb rock to save them could you move it?  Could you push your car if it broke down and no one was around to help and you had no cell coverage?  These are the kinds of questions we should be asking when it comes to fitness and then approach our training regimen accordingly.  Obviously these are extreme examples but nonetheless examples that COULD happen once or twice each in a lifetime.  The goal with these illustrations is to make an impression and get you to think a bit.

Let’s just be honest here.  Really.

Let’s face it.  Living the way I’m going to propose with the content on this website is most definitely not EASY.  It’s certainly simple.  But not easy.  Our invitation to you as a reader is to engage with us.  Ask questions.  If a lot of this kind of information is new or foreign or seems odd or if this flat out comes across like looney tunes, nut job conspiracy theory – welcome to Food Fitness Family!  We’re on this journey with you.  We just started a little sooner than you did.  That’s the only difference.   If you’ve been on a similar road with us when it comes to the truth about health, thanks so much for visiting!  We hope you can learn something new or if nothing else, hope you leave here feeling encouraged and confirmed in your choice to live the way you do.
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